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With Pixabot, you can create stunning AI avatars that are both lifelike and unique.

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With Pixabot, you can be anything.

You can be muscular, tattooed, with a leather jacket or a very solid suit, you can be an agent with sunglasses or a cyborg.

Upload your photos and thanks to artificial intelligence, Pixabot will generate ultra-realistic and super-detailed AI Avatars of you based on the details of your face.

Our photorealistic AI avatars are designed to look as close to being human as possible, making them perfect for all your creative projects.

Choose from 35+ Photorealistic Styles

You no longer need to go to a photographer, now with the help of AI you can generate photo sessions where you are in a suit, in the office, in the gym, where you are a robot, tattooed, muscular, etc.

Upload any picture of yourself (even from your phone) and with one click, our AI will generate you like this.

Photorealistic AI Avatars for Women

Each style includes 8 high quality AI avatars!

Glamour Photosession, White Hairs

Glasses, Sweater

For Wedding Magazine

Fitness Gym

Business Woman

Leather Jacket, City Scene

Tattoo, Leather, Muscles

Corporate with Glasses

Cherry Bloom

Wearing Tuxedo

Racing Suit

Fashion Portrait

Portrait with Bokeh Lights

with a rabbit fur hat

business headshot with wearing glasses

with cowboy hat

Glamour with Crazy Hairstyle

Dreamy Avatar with Bright Hair

Super Hero Avatar

Beautiful Portrait

Queen with Wings


Sunflower Field

winter Portrait with Snow

Red Dress

Whimsical Fluffy Warrior

Princess Peach

Cosplaying Dominatrix

Porcelain Galactic Queen

opening presents at christmas

Cosplaying Dominatrix Mistress


Video Game Style

Pop Art, Electric Colors

Vaporwave portrait

Photorealistic AI Avatars for Men

Masculine, Tattoo City Scene

Leather Jacket, Tattoo, Sunglasses, Muscles

Shirtless, Muscles, Car Interior

Fitness Magazine

With Tuxedo

Knitted Sweater & Glasses

In the Gym

Racing Suit



With a Baseball Hat

With Black Suit

Secret Agent

ocean sailor


whimsical fluffy warrior

Warrior - Game of Thrones


Roman soldier


Badass Cyborg

Steampunk Space Marine

How It Works?

Just two steps to get a unique AI photoshoot

Step 1

Choose which AI portrait or photo shoot you want to be in.

Step 2

Upload pictures of yourself. Regular selfies from your phone or digital camera, or pictures of your face and body. Absolutely any pictures, preferably from different angles and with different backgrounds.

Step 3

Our AI will start training

This can take up to 1 hour. We will notify you when it's done via email.

At Pixabot, we believe in the power of photorealistic AI avatars.
That’s why we’ve created a custom artificial intelligence model that guarantees the highest-quality results.
Our team has spent countless hours writing and testing 30+ unique prompts, ensuring that you get the most out of your experience with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the avatars look like me?

YES! Thanks to the fact that we use AI data training based on several pictures, where our AI reads your facial features, we can generate super realistic photos with your real face.

We don't use the Image 2 Image technology used by other, free apps (those integrated with TikTok, etc.), so our AI avatars don't look like cheap cartoons that aren't even visually similar to you.

Our Photorealistic AI avatars are an exact copy of your face, only integrated into different environments.

Is my data safe?

YES! If you're creating your own AI avatar with our app, you can rest assured that your data is secure. We store the AI model and your avatar on our servers in the European Union, which are protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All photos are automatically deleted after 30 days, so make sure to download them.

But be wary of other AI avatar apps - they may store your data indefinitely and could even use it to generate deepfakes of you. It's important to know what data is being stored, and for how long, so you can have peace of mind that your data is safe.

At Pixabot, we take data security seriously and have stringent measures in place to ensure your data is protected. We use the latest encryption technology, and all our servers are located in the EU to guarantee your data is safe and secure.

What type of photos should I upload?

To get the best possible result, please upload 8-20 pictures. Pixabot is the latest generation AI Avatar creator that uses your images to train AI models to produce ultra-accurate and photo-realistic AI avatars.

Pixabot recommend: 5 waist-up shots, 5 chest-up shots, 3 side profiles and 3 full-body shots.

- No duplicate photos
- No other people or pets in photo
- No black and white photos
- NO children in the photos
- Photos from the same location/session
- Photos with excessive makeup
- Photos with hair or other objects obstructing the face
- Photos with artificial background blur
- Photos with hard shadows on the face
- Photos that are too dark or too bright
- Photos with multiple people
- Low quality, blurry photos

For best results:
- New background in every picture, New angle in every picture, New pose in every picture
- Be in different locations, in different clothing, and in different lighting
- Have photos with different facial expressions, but don't overdo it
- If you wear glasses, wear them in all photos, or don't wear them at all
- Look at the camera in most photos as well as away from it in the others

Garbage in - garbage out. You'll get amazing results if you follow these guidelines. If you don't, your AI avatars might not look like you, be blurry, too zoomed in or zoomed out, or have other artifacts.

Can I get a refund?

After submitting your images, we instantly begin using them to train the AI, which comes at a heavy cost. Therefore, once that occurs, we are unable to issue refunds. If you are not satisfied with your avatars, message us at [email protected], and we'll see what we can do!

Is your payment service secure?

Yes, uses SSL encryption when safely processing payments. Your payment information is not visible to us.

Our Merchant of Record,, handles all of our sales. For us, Paddle collects, computes, and pays VAT and other taxes. Your payment information are hidden from us.

Behind the AI Camera

At, we are experts and enthusiasts in AI technology. We love all things related to maths and AI, and have a variety of AI projects ranging from text generation to AI pictures. And Pixabot is our latest development, where anyone can upload a picture of themselves, train our AI models and generate anything based on that data.

Pixabot is just the beginning. We are actively working on AI video, so that you can also generate a talking AI video avatar based on your pictures. But that's for later, let us find the right formulas, get more powerful GPU servers and get you there.

Zigmars Berzins & CEO

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